Home Watch and Other Services

Home Watch

  • A/C Air Conditioning – Ensure proper settings and operation.
  • Kitchen Appliances – Ensure proper operation.
  • Faucets – Run water through sinks, tubs, showers and checked for leaks.
  • Toilets – Flush, clean and sanitize.
  • Doors and Windows – Ensure they are closed and locked with no signs of forced entry.
  • Interior – Check for mold, mildew and signs of interior water intrusion in all areas of home.
  • Fuse Box / Electrical Panel – Inspect for any tripped circuit breakers and reset if necessary.
  • Power Interruptions – Check and reset timers.
  • Smoke Detectors – Check for proper operation, replace batteries as needed.
  • Leak Inspection – Check ceilings, doors and windows.
  • Air Filters/Light Bulbs – Change and replace air filters and light bulbs.
  • Mail – Review for importance, remove junk mail and newspapers.
  • Interior Inspection for Bugs/Rodents – Conduct visual inspection for pests.
  • Exterior Inspection – Conduct visual inspection of home and grounds.
  • Inspection Report – Email detailed report after each visit including photos.

Additional Services

  • Pre-storm preparation – Bring in outdoor furniture, secure loose exterior items.
  • Post-storm inspection – Conduct visual inspection for weather damage.
  • Hurricane Shutters – CSHW will only assist with auto or crank shutters. We do not hang shutters.
  • Auto Care – Will drive vehicle, inspect battery maintainer – client to provide insurance risk.
  • Vendor Access – Meet vendors for client – (i.e., plumber, window cleaner, delivery truck).
  • Trash – Bring trash in and out.

Additional services are subject to additional fees

Coastal Sand Home Watch uses the HomeWatchIT Reporting System.  This allows us to provide a Geo-Location, Time-Stamped report for our visit.  Our report includes the custom-tailored report with pictures of any problems.  Please watch the video to learn more about the features of the system.

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